History of company

The history of the company

The company started its history in 1940, when two buildings of a glass factory were redesigned to a bakery plant (now it is a production shop #1 in Schastnogo str.). The building of the bakery plant was partially destroyed in the war, but it was later reconstructed in 1945-1948. The plant was repeatedly reconstructed and expanded from 1948 till 1973. The reconstruction works were stopped and forbidden in 1974 due to decrepitude of the building.  2003 — Anatoliy M. Pashkevich, Director General, made a decision of the complete reconstruction and re-equipment of the production shop from company’s own funds. Up-to-date technologies allowed reinforcing the framework and flooring of the second storey. The facade was repaired, stove and other kinds of equipment were reinstalled.

In 2009 the production shop #1 was equipped with up-to-date lines for production of hearth and pan breads, biscuit and bun goods. The shop meets all the requirements referring to a modern food enterprise.

A new typical bakery plant was built in Pushkina street in 1967. Now it is the production shop #2 with the production capacity of 50 tons per day. The shop has been recently reconstructed. Today there function 4 hearth bread production lines, equipped with up-to-date stoves, and 2 gingerbread and pastry production lines. There was organized a department for production of artificial honey. 2009 — the facade of the shop #2 was reconstructed, glass blocks were changed for double pane units.

Due to growth of demand for bun and confectionary goods, in 1986 there was started construction of a new shop with a production capacity of 22 tons of bun goods and 2.5 tons of confectionary goods per day. Besides two shops (bun and confectionary), the new building in Dzerzhinskogo street, which was put into operation in 1987, included a 3-storeied office block. Today there function three lines for production of bun goods and long loaves equipped with up-to-date stoves and a computer-based proportioning system in the bun production shop. The long loaf making line was completely mechanized after launching a cooler and up-to-date packing equipment in 2009-2010. In 2009 there was organized a cake and pie making division equipped with proving and baking machines. The confectionary division is equipped with two RRO rotating stoves, «Tornado» depositor for production of import substituting goods, a line for puff paste and small bun goods making produced by Canon company, a choux pastries production line, an enrobing line and other up-to-date facilities.

Starting from 1972, five bakery plants became the units of Grodnohlebprom: the Volkovysk Bakery Plant, built in 1945, the Novogrudok Bakery Plant, built in 1939, the Slonim Bakery Plant, built in 1945, the Lida Bakery Plant, built in 1954, and the Smorgon Bakery Plant, built in 1994. The enterprises are equipped with up-to-date production facilities and are constantly upgraded. 2008 — launch of a malt and malt goods production shop at the Smorgon branch. 2009 — reconstruction of the confectionary production shop and putting paperboard containers production area into operation at the Slonim branch. 2009 — launch of the wooden containers and rusks production areas at the Novopolotsk branch. 2009 — launch of flavored syrup production at the Volkovysk Bakery Plant. 2009 — launch of boiled condensed milk production at the Lida branch.

Today’s Grodnohlebprom is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise, successfully competing in the market. It constantly expands the assortment and speeds up the output.